What's play'n?

Playing a game of Betrayal. Who will be the traitor?
Played a short game of RoboRally.
First time playing this kickstarted game about Automated Alice from Jeff Noons sequel to Alice in Wonderland.
Really enjoy playing it with @Lavinia666.
This is a great game, I should play it more often. Too bad I’m losing.
Playing Zendo at the Agical game night to celebrate the #PyramidQuartet kickstarter.
Playing a nice city building game.
I lost big, but it was great anyway. It had the same choice anxiety as 7 Wonders.
First time in ages I play this game. I should play it more often.
Peter won this bicycle race game. I wasn’t playing though. :)
Finally got to play the new version of Robo Rally. And I won, so it’s obviously good. :)
We’re starting the @agical board game evening with a quick game of Love Letter.
Cute little game of symbol matching.
Losing badly at Carcassonne, as usual.
Someone stole the computer from Enterprise.
Tiling the night away!
Ghostly guessing!
Play'n 'n Slay'n
Frenchies on bikes... whoooa!
Time to make some wine!
Fantasy adventure with lots and lots of cards on the board.
Playing Codename: Pictures at the @agical board game night.
This is not my type of game, I’m lousy at making associations.
A fun little cooperative game, but I’m crap at it.
Playing an old favorite. Want to try the expansion, but haven’t read the rules yet.
A quick strategic game for up to four players. It was very close, everyone at most a point from each other.
First time playing the retro version.
A nice little co-op game with a traitor mechanic.
First time playing this cute little game. Very similar to Fluxx.
At least I didn’t finish last. All choices were bad almost every turn.
A strange game, one player didn’t even get to play.
Three Doctors got exterminated by Daleks during the first round.
Great update to this old favorite.
Playing a fast game of 6 nimmt! Got only one point, and still didn’t win.
First time playing this game. Seems pretty neat.
Nyårs-Pandemic på fyllan!
Finally get to play this 4X space game.
Won my first game of Ethnos yesterday. By a single point.
First time playing this game. Seems rather silly.
Last time playing Fluxx here at Bishops Arms. Sad.
Trying out El Grande. So many placement decisions.
Losing badly in this press your luck game. As I always do in them. Pretty nice game though.
Lost by two lousy points!
A cute little pirate game.
Losing this time. Killed the green squirrel. :(
A nutty little game. As always, it's impressively much strategy in a tiny package.


First time playing a game from the second pack-o-game set.
Winning! For now.
Playing a new Pyramide Arcade game.
We are bad psychics, who couldn't find the murderer.
First time playing this tiny kickstarted game. Very fiddly.
Playing while helping Ola with his first homebrew. My mining tactic didn't work.
It's the Swedish version. The card game is better than the original.
Won two games of NSFW Exploding Kittens. Both times exhausting the deck to the last card.
Beer and boardgames Bishops Arms.
Brain busted.
Playing a prototype board game.
First time playing this kickstarted game.
Third time in a row winning Monster Fluxx by @LooneyLabs today!
Got the longest road with all but one of my train cars. I might be winning. :)
Cabo verde dungeon bashing!
Playing a dice brewing game at the pub!
Played a couple of rounds with too many players.
I'm using a minimalist agile strategy.
I'm not quite the most horrible person, but I'm trying.
Lost by one point. Not much of a game. Played during a live stream while brewing a beer.
Live brewing and first time playing this little game. Impressive for a such small package.
At least I won this game, mostly by not lying.
Lost big time to my brother's girlfriend first time playing.
I won! World domination is mine! Had 42 million population left. :)
Gimme more points for describing, dammit!
Tuna race lost!
Någon stal min tonfiskbåt.
Publishers get ALL the money!
Tiospelarparti. Tokvinst!
Frustrerande palatsbyggen.
Cheesy factories!
Indigo madness!
Building a fairly crappy spacestation.
Playing this game for the first time. Sems easy, but is kind of tricky to explain the rules.
Playing an old favorite.
First time playing this game I bought in Florida.
I won by having someone give me their goal and then connecting the elements for me. :)
Almost a train game, but not quite. I like it. #TableTopDay
Finally get to play this game. Seems really great.
A bit complicated scoring, but pretty good stick taking game.
It's been a while since I played this game. #TableTopDay
Force feeding the panda with some bamboo.
Starting #TableTopDay with a couple if games of Monster Fluxx. I won the first game!
Samuraiiii pokr!
Oh, no! I wanted desert too!
Slow building panic.
Not of to a good start...
Crash the dungeons!
A quickie!
Twin attacks!
First time playing this little dice game. It's easy and has some strategy.
Få men naggande goda!
Playing this kicksterted game for the first time. Seems pretty nice.
Wrapping up the brew day with a game of Love Letter.
Brewing a beer while playing the Brew Crafters boardgame. #beerandboardgames
Kinda fun. Everybody gets to do something every round and some tactic.
This game is a WTF. Might be one of the worst card games I've ever played. Expected more.
The princess was victorious!
About to start playing Bora Bora on a very small table.
I've bought three new Fluxx games in the last month and still don't have them all.
Filthy McGreen's won by being the worst!
First time playing after buying it in Florida. Really like it even though I'm dead last.
Kind of like Elder Sign. Pretty neat little game.
I like it, a new spin on Love Letter. Also, I won! :) /@cloakandblaster
Nice little strategy game that fits in a small pouch.
Cthulhu threatens the world, once again!
Vi måste förgöra Cthylla.
Ahh... frisk luft!
Försvarar fortet!
Middagskoma, perfekt för lite deduktion.
Bondebingo! NEJ, _inte_ ko-bingo.
Åkte fast, och det var prällens fel!
Kommer Kalish Ninefingers överleva Robobos mäktiga dungeon?
Det är lååångt till Indien!
Dags att sälja lite konst!
Dags för 8 minuters imperiebyggande.
Fem drakar och åtminstone en lång och vindlande väg.
Just a quick game, with one of the yule gifts.
I won again! That's three games tonight. :)
Remembering things is not my thing. I won though!
Yet another Fluxx!
First time playing this stressful game by Looney Labs.
Shub-Niggurath is gonna die!
Frenka och Parne redo för strid
Second time playing this game, I kind of like the resource economy.
A short game since we can't decide on a big one for six players.
Great little trading game.
Jocke fegar Tobbe gasar!
Winning dragon!?
Rolling through the ages in a two player game. #spelbar
Two games of Cards Against Humanity. #spelbar
First time playing Smash Up. #spelbar
Doomsday machine in a close race?
Getting my ass handed to me by the puny humans!!


First time in forever playing this traditional game. #spelbar
Finally get to play this game, but I'm a bit distracted by everyone arriving. #spelbar
Slacking our day away in Chez Geek. #spelbar
We're trying to overthrow the government in Coup. I just got assassinated! :( #spelbar
The princess doesn't want my love letter. #spelbar
Shub Niggurath is going to take over the world. #spelbar
Cyber Bunny didn't survive attacking tokyo. #spelbar
First game ended with no kittens blended. Second game with 29 at once. #spelbar
First time playing the kickstarted game Get Lucky. #spelbar
It's a wonderful parade. #spelbar
We're abducting pathetic humans. #spelbar
I'm the master at delivering love letters. #spelbar
I made the winning roll! But I didn't win. #spelbar
Guessing pictures isn't my thing. #spelbar #tabletopday
Anders is playing something else than Dominion! #spelbar #tabletopday
Feeding bamboo shoots to the panda. #spelbar #tabletopday
I'm the warrior in good old Talisman with three expansion boards. #spelbar #tabletopday
Love this simple game from Looney Labs.
The second round I at least got to roll twice.
We survived our first time in co-op Room 25.
We released the Kraken! Nice game, but cumbersome setup.
I liked it, but I need to play another time or two to get the hang of the strategy.
The awful green things from outer space are hugging the poor ship crew to death.
I'm Lady Lauren, the narcissistic psychopath.
Werewolf with a helper app.
So much weapons against Azathoth! Sister Mary:bless,no bless,bless,no bless,bless!
I'm not good at delivering love letters to the princess.
Warming up with a short game of Le Boomb! With my experience, I won easily! :)
We cured all pandemics! #spelbar
Happy panda eats a lot of bamboo.
The table isn't big enough for our infernal contraptions. #spelbar
We failed to get a sandwich for our dark overlord!
The witch traded places with a dragon.


I found one set! :)
It's a parade in Wonderland!
Keep on rollin' !
Viva la revolucion!
First time playing after seeing it on TableTop.
Yog-Sothoth awoke!
Första gången på länge jag spelar spelet.
Lite mer intressant än The Resistance med fler roller som har extra information.
Två omgångar. Jag förlorade.
I'm the best at delivering burgers made out of minced ninjas!
The sabotuers won! :( Bastards!
I was hoping it would be better than Zombie Dice because of player interaction, but this game is broken.
I don't think I'm winning.
Aquaphobic radiation waste site win!
With a dreamer.
The road behind us.
Science wins again. Blah.
Cut throat, romantic, postal action.
Ouch, you need to have an income?
Annoying humans!
Not that easy to overview.
Red dragon wins! Beware of the Yeti.
The way to Edo ahead.
Still works ok with an extra sixth player.
Vi vann på sista draget!
The Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature ran away with the Evil Alien City.
The sheriff almost won!
I won on a tie since I had the magic book.
Beware of the skrals!
I am kanalpaddling!
I won!
I forgot about the points system.


I'm the worst at this game.
I exploded again! =(
I would've won if I'd remembered Mr. Enthusiastic.
I turned out to be a traitor.
Äntligen, trots regelutformningen.
Mystisk mark!
I didn't play.
Pics or it didn't happen!
I exploded! :(
2 hour setup. But seems fun now that we've started playing.
First time playing.
Vi vann!
Två omgångar.
Förlorade allt.
Playing with my new Treehouse bag set.
After three rules explanations, I hope we'll start playing soon.
Lennart won!
Drinking a Nøgne Ø GPA
Way more complicated than Zonbie Dice.
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